Cookie Occasion

Kate - has been working at Cookie Occasion for over 15 years!  She started in high school, stayed through her degree in Small Business from Mount Royal University and eventually became partner in May 2010.  Kate can be found in the front of the shop helping customers, taking telephone orders, putting together packages and working on the computer (her least favorite task.)  Kate is always looking for ways to sweeten people's day with Cookie Occasion's!

Cathy - joined her daughter (Kate) at Cookie Occasion in September 2010 after a twenty year career with Enmax.  She is retired, but can be found at the store helping out and doing "quality control"

Rachel - has been delivering our gifts across the city (and Alberta) for four years.  She is a wonderful representative of Cookie Occasion and a joy to be around.

Ashley - is currently working part time at Cookie Occasion. She attends school at Mount Royal University and is working towards her teaching degree.  She has been with the company for two years and is a positive light.  She does it all, from helping customers, to gift packaging, to baking.  Look for her more over the summer monthes.