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Our Motto is simple...

Sweetening Everyday.


We look forward to helping to sweeten your next occasion!

Cookie Occasion Gourmet Cookies Inc is a Calgary based, family owned and operated business. We have been filling the streets of Marda Loop with the mouth watering aroma of freshly baked gourmet cookies for nearly three decades. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality indulgent cookies made from the finest, freshest, natural ingredients, using some of Grandmother’s secret cookie recipes. We are constantly evolving to meet the demands and needs of our valued customers by offering new and exciting ways of giving and buying cookies. Why?

Because every occasion, is a Cookie Occasion.
Cookie Crew



Kate can be found inside and outside the shop doing a little bit of everything, Having owned the business for 8 and been with CO for two decades you might think she no longer enjoys the cookies.  She does.  Her favorite thing about the  cookie shop is the smile and connection it brings to her deeply appreciated supporters.



Bronwyn is the funny, organized and sassy Manager at CO.  Having been with the company through her Marketing Degree at Mount Royal Bronwyn has stepped into her role as manager with a fresh and passionate approach to all things Cookies.  




Holly came to work for Cookie Occasion for the seasonal work and Kate never let her leave.  Holly is pursuing a degree at UofC but continues to support and grow Cookie Occasion.  

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